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The Raising A Mogul Society & Small Business Academy is the place where empires are built!
We believe that entrepreneurship is a valuable right and an instrument in creating wealth and being change-makers within the community.  The global vision of Raising A Mogul, is to help parents, guardians, and youth mentors help build world-class, state of the art businesses and business leaders that impact their community, while leaving legacies. 

Raising A Mogul Parent Manager Programs & Memberships

Are you looking for a safe space to share the good, bad, and ugly about helping your child build an empire? Looking for a supportive group who "get it"? The Raising A Mogul Elite Society is the answer you have been searching for. Members receive access to a growing content e-library filled with masterclasses from incredible business experts. 

These sessions focus on specific tactics with actionable information (they're not glorified sales pitches). Here's what else you get: - Weekly virtual co-working session to help you get stuff off your to-do list - Weekly "Ask Me Anything" sessions with community leaders Tamara Zantell & Toushonta Hogan - Twice-monthly Mastermind Monday sessions where the group will help individual members tackle problems. - Private Facebook group where they can ask questions, share advice and participate in special discussion threads. COST: $37/month VIRTUAL COACHING OPTION Looking for a business coaching option that fits your busy life and tight budget? My virtual coaching program may be the answer. This is real-time coaching at a discounted rate. You have unlimited access to me via Slack (a free program) and I'll respond in real time. If you panic at 2 am because you don't know how to reply to a nasty client email? Message me. Have a branding question while updating your website on a Saturday? Message me. There's no waiting an entire week for your next video chat with your coach. We'll be in constant contact in a private messaging channel, and I'll reply within 24 hours (up to 48 hrs on weekends and national holidays). You can pick my brain on anything (business, personal, and otherwise). 

It's like having a coach/accountability partner/biz bestie/cheerleader in your back pocket at all times. I'm there to answer questions, make suggestions, and hold you accountable as you put the plan to work (I'll be checking on you frequently). We'll start by clarifying your goals, organizing your priorities, and creating an action plan to grow your business. My goal is to help you stop the overwhelm, avoid the shinny pennies, and start feeling like a boss who knows what she's doing, why it matters, and how she'll make it happen. When you sign up for the virtual coaching membership, you'll be automatically billed $300 a month and you can cancel at any time. As long as you're a paying member of the program, you'll get: Unlimited access to me via a private messaging channel in Slack Intake questionnaire to help me better understand your business and goals Orientation video to help you get started with virtual coaching, including a demonstration of how to use Slack Membership in Own it, Crush it: VIP for additional support from a safe, caring community of women bosses who "get it" Access to a library of masterclasses from outside experts on a variety of topics to help you as you grow your business Access to my Money Mindset and LinkedIn online courses This program is limited to only 15 clients per month, so you never have to worry about my attention being spread too thin COST : $37/mo. 

The Results You Need

The society is not just a group but a support system. It's​ hard enough as a single parent raising an exceptional child in an environment that thinks you're forcing your kidpreneur. The society allows my child to see she's not weird or abnormal and show's me that I am not crazy for supporting my kid's talents. It's a place to laugh, cry, support, understand and navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of being a momager.
Thia Nixon
The support and openness of this Society is unmatched. You won't find in one place, a group of people who will present opportunities, walk you through seizing the opportunity and cheer you on while you shine in your moment.
Terri King Hunt

Focus Forward 2019

For two hours we will host a co-working intensive where we will work side by side as you work through the worksheets and your own planning materials to help set you up for success.

Mommy Manager Start Up Checklist

Use this checklist to get started without overwhelm and extra stress. Stay organized with this step by step guide to get you started today.

Fear Blocking Exercise

Stop just being, existing because your fear is loader than your voice. Start here by blocking your fear from making the decisions in your life. Take back your power!

E-commerce Site Checklist

When getting started with or revamping a website there are loads of items that need to be checked, cross-checked and tested to ensure that your customers have a nice experience. That’s why I put together an expansive checklist for new e-commerce sites. Walk through the list and mark off when you complete each item to ensure that your e-commerce site is ready for selling.

3 Tips to Idea Development

3 Tips to Idea Development 

Social Media & Influence - Becoming A Local Celebrity

Stop Hiding & Become the Authority in Your Niche! Do you want your child to become a real celebrity? Well, believe it or not, that starts LOCAL 95% of the time!

Holiday Sales Masterclass

Holiday Sales Masterclass

Sales & Marketing - Priced To Sell

Priced To Sell 
View course $24.99

Sales & Marketing - Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Creating Multiple Streams of Income
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Sales & Marketing - Product Photography on Smart Phone Budget

Tonight's Mommy Manager Academy training will be picture perfect!! We will be learning about the importance of photography and visual images to our children's business. The topic: How to take professional quality photos on a smartphone budget. Did you know that photos can make or break a brand!? Our very own Mogul Mom Toushonta Hogan will be our LIVE expert trainer. A modern-day Renaissance woman described as always having an entrepreneurial spirit, Toushonta Hogan graduated from California State University with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources. Upon attaining her degree in 2007, Hogan set her sights on seeking a career. After many interviews with a drastic economic hit, she received no response and soon decided to take matters in her own hands by establishing her own business, Scentsational Soaps - one that would offer increased responsibility and freedom, while allowing her to spend time with her family. Just to name a few, Toushonta has received the 2016 Women in Spotlight “Entrepreneur” Award from the NAACP, 2016 “Stand Up Mom” Award from Phenomenal Girls Do Phenomenal Things, The Society for Extraordinary Women Award in 2016 and has recently, been nominated to receive the National Association of University Women Hall of Fame Award for 2018. Three years ago, Toushonta’s daughter, Shaiann, decided to secretly play in her mother’s make-up and videotape herself on an i-touch. Of course, mommy saw it and was pretty upset. However, she saw GREATNESS and lots of potential and decided to teach her how to custom make her own nail polish. She was amazed!!! And even more-so, when she saw she could make a profit off of something she LOVED. Soon Shai’s World was born. Since then, Shaiann has been seen on “The Real” (Kiddie Pool) Talk show, Teen Boss Magazine and placed 2nd in the 2017 Urban League Biz Camp sponsored by NFTE. She has also been awarded by the NAACP Women in Spotlight as a “Young Entrepreneur” in 2016. Recently, she was recognized by the Black Business Women Rock as the “her Eyes Matter Award for 2017. Toushonta is a mother of two, ages 13 & 15 and a wife to Mr. Kevin Hogan of 14 years. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, shopping and relaxing at the spa. #raisingamogul
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Wholesale & Retail - Wholesale Line Sheets

Wholesale Line Sheets 
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Social Media & Influence - Facebook Engagement for FREE

This Bootcamp takes you through several ways you can increase your visibility, engagement and likes on Facebook which will ultimately drive traffic to your website. 
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Sales & Marketing - Business Books

Top recommended Business Books
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Sales & Marketing - Email Marketing 101

Learn the basics of email marketing to include automation 
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This is BS! The Brand Strategy Lab Mastermind

Welcome to The Brand Strategy Lab! Beware! Using do it yourself programs, constantly trying your best with what you have and what you already know, could be killing your chances of success. Don’t believe you can go from confused and struggling to confident, clear and profitable? HOLD MY TEA. Why pay high priced " so called" experts for training who leave you confused? They make promises that don't convert and tell you what you should be doing without actually teaching how. We'll show you why including the right brand strategy and growth systems can increase followers and visibility. You will clearly understand how to run YOUR business. We want you to be the CEO, COO and CMO of your profitable company without having to blow a ton of money on expensive programs and services. ​​​​​​ Welcome to The Brand Strategy Lab!
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Social Media & Influence - Press Release Power Pack

Press Release Power Pack
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Paid to Speak Masterclass

Raising A Mogul Toolkit

Branding 101 - Designing Your Brand Identity

5 Tips to Raising A Mogul eBook

130 Things You must Do to Succeed Online

Mastering Your Growth as a Parent Manager - Workbook

Expert Training - Preparing to build a team (HR) Delmar Johnson

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Business Foundation & Growth - Business Financial Management

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Personal Development - Building Profitable Relationships

As you work to grow your business, being able to develop the skill of building profitable relationships is critical. This road is hard but the relationships you build can make it much easy and if done right can catapult you to heights you have only dreamed of!