Parent Manager, it's time you gain the confidence, knowledge & tools. Everything you need to build an Empire!

The Raising A Mogul Society & Small Business Academy is the place where empires are built!
We believe that entrepreneurship is a valuable right and an instrument in creating wealth and being change-makers within the community.  The global vision of Raising A Mogul, is to help parents, guardians, and youth mentors help build world-class, state of the art businesses and business leaders that impact their community, while leaving legacies. 

Parent Manager Programs & Memberships

Are you looking for a safe space to share the good, bad, and ugly about helping your child build an empire? Looking for a supportive group who "get it"? 

We offer 3 unique opportunities to work with our award willing and profit driven team to build yours and your young moguls empires. Our goal is family legacy!

The Raising A Mogul Elite Society 
The Brand Strategy Lab 
The Elite League of Parent Managers

The Elite League of Parent Managers

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The Society & Small Business Academy

#1 Parent Manager Community on the Planet.
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The Results You Need

The society is not just a group but a support system. It's​ hard enough as a single parent raising an exceptional child in an environment that thinks you're forcing your kidpreneur. The society allows my child to see she's not weird or abnormal and show's me that I am not crazy for supporting my kid's talents. It's a place to laugh, cry, support, understand and navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of being a momager.
Thia Nixon
The support and openness of this Society is unmatched. You won't find in one place, a group of people who will present opportunities, walk you through seizing the opportunity and cheer you on while you shine in your moment.
Terri King Hunt