Becoming A Local Celebrity MasterClass by Raising A Mogul

Becoming A Local Celebrity MasterClass

Stop Hiding & Become the Authority in Your Niche!

What's included?

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Becoming A Local Celebrity - The Course
1 min
Module 1
Module 1 Video
7 mins
Module 1 Slides
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Module 2
Module 2 Video
15 mins
Module 2 Slides
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Module 3
Module 3 Video
23 mins
Module 3 Slides
641 KB
Module 4
Module 4 Video
22 mins
Module 4 Slides
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Course Bonuses
Becoming a Brand Cheat Sheet
6.53 MB
Becoming A Brand Checklist
5.25 MB
Fear Blocking Exercise
3.88 MB
Press Release Power Pack
5.38 MB

Parent Manager, it's time you gain the confidence, knowledge & tools. Everything you need to build an Empire!

The Raising A Mogul Society & Small Business Academy is the place where empires are built!
We believe that entrepreneurship is a valuable right and an instrument in creating wealth and being change-makers within the community.  The global vision of Raising A Mogul, is to help parents, guardians, and youth mentors help build world-class, state of the art businesses and business leaders that impact their community, while leaving legacies.