The Young Mogul (Brand Strategy Lab 2.0) by Raising A Mogul

The Young Mogul (Brand Strategy Lab 2.0)

We want you to be the CEO, COO and CMO of your profitable company without having to blow a ton of money on expensive programs and services. ​​​​​​

What's included?

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Welcome Orientation
28 mins
Welcome Orientation Audio
28 mins
Week 1
Start Here
Understand Personality Types
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Your Manifesto
24 mins
Brand Strategy Workbook
1.14 MB
How To Build A Brand People Will Trust & Love
17 mins
Strategies for Branding Your Business
20 mins
Choosing Which Branding Strategies to Use
16 mins
Week 2
Online Brand Management
18 mins
Who Will Manage Your Brand?
10 mins
Offline Brand Management
9 mins
The Keys to Maintaining A Strong Brand
13 mins
Monitoring Your Brand
11 mins
17 mins
5 mins
Week 3
Mission, Market & Value - Core Values Worksheet
1.08 MB
"I Have My Eye On" - Core Values Worksheet
1.02 MB
Co-Working / Q & A Sessions
10/9/19 - txt
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10/9/19 - Video
(1h 02m 45s)
10/9/19 - Audio
(1h 02m 45s)