Your Young Mogul Can Be An Influencer, Thought Leader And Be Paid For Their Story. Your Child Can Be An Author!

Let Us Write, Edit, and Publish Your Young Mogul’s First or Next Book

It's time to make their dream a reality. Why wait, when we can make it easy and hassle free to get your project done in half the time?

The Features & Benefits are Overwhelming

  • Brand Strategy Session ($ 697) 
  • Ghost Writing Process/ 2 Revision Sessions ($ 1,997) 
  • Editing ($297)
  • Formatting ($197)
  • Custom cover designed for your book ($250)
  • Sales and promotion planners ($297) 
  • Speaker One Sheet design ($297)
Total Value Exceeds $4000!!

Upgrades Available:
(Alert The Team)
  • Curriculum Discussion Guide - $497
  • Custom Illustration - $200- $600 
  • Best Seller Strategy/ Process- ($597) 

Your child can be an Author before the end of 2019. This is a real possibility with our Young Mogul Book-in-a-Box all-inclusive experience.

Why hold off on the dream for one more day?

Let’s face it, writing a book can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. For most people, it may take many months or years of dedication and patience; time most people feel they don’t have. Writing a book with your child adds on a whole new layer of dedication and patience.

Many people aspire to become an Author, yet very few ever reach their goal and even fewer children do. 

Let's change that together.

Now you can relax at home while you video conference with our expert writer, and in as little as 2 sessions your young mogul could have a full chapter book written in their own words. 

Next, our team will do all the work to complete the project, including: proofreading, line-editing, formatting and more!

YM Book In A Box

The Young Mogul Book In A Box is a done for you solution for the young mogul wanting to become an author in less than 90 days.

Parent Manager, it's time you gain the confidence, knowledge & tools. Everything you need to build an Empire!

The Raising A Mogul Society & Small Business Academy is the place where empires are built!
We believe that entrepreneurship is a valuable right and an instrument in creating wealth and being change-makers within the community.  The global vision of Raising A Mogul, is to help parents, guardians, and youth mentors help build world-class, state of the art businesses and business leaders that impact their community, while leaving legacies.